Real Estate Consultants and Advisors Off-Market Assets and Notes

Sidekick REI, LLC is a off market multifamily hospitality NNN real estate entity with a sub-focus of performing and non-performing note investment and consulting organization. We provide a world-class service to our clients, and our colleagues who are in search of hard to find assets. If you are an investor looking for a property no matter what class or what type we are sure to be able to provide you with what you want.

Multifamily Off Market – 6 units to 6000 units class A to class C nationwide. Multifamily housing has exploded with the maturity of the millennials. There does not appear to be shortage of residents looking to occupy these assets.

SFR Portfolios – Rental property is extremely hot in the market right now. There are areas that are hotter than others. The entire state of Texas is insane right now. With investors looking for income producing portfolios. Detroit is absolutely off the hook. With investors trying to pick up the houses that 9 months or so ago, you couldn’t give away.

Notes – Trading Paper

First off, we will start by explaining what a Note is. A note is an agreement between the borrower and the lender. Where the borrower promises to pay back what has been borrowed plus the agreed upon interest and terms. The lender agrees to turn over the property that is leveraged for the loan. This is typically called a promissory note.

Notes are defined by their performance. This means the borrower is meeting their responsibilities to the lender, or they are not. When the borrower is meeting their obligation, this is called a performing note. When the borrower does not meet their obligation, repeatedly late, and remaining late, past due 60+ days this is classified as a sub performing note. When a borrower has been repeatedly delinquent, and consistently past due, this is classified as a non-performing note. The lending institutions call these “toxic assets”. We in the real estate investing realm call them GOLD.

When a borrower has been behind on their mortgage, and catches up on their payments, this is called a Re-performing Note. Because we are talking specifically about real estate notes, I reference mortgage. However it can be a house or anything that has been leveraged, bank and borrower transaction.

After the meltdown in the US in 2008, there were millions and millions of houses that were foreclosed on, not only houses, that were occupied by a homeowner, but entire communities were shut down during the construction phase. Because these were in development, the lender in panic, called in their loans from the borrower, the construction companies, and in most instances they were overextended on liquidity, and the entire residential community was foreclosed on.