Augusta Georgia Tax Auction August 6, 2019

Richmond County Georgia released this list of properties going to tax sale July 6, 2019. I have followed this list from the date of its release. I will continue to follow the list until the day of the tax sale. There are no 71 properties remaining that have not redeemed. This list of tax auction properties in Richmond County Georgia was released July 2019, and the count was 123 properties. As you can see from the above mention, that the list of tax auction sales in Richmond County Georgia has been reduced by nearly half.

I have taken the time to research these properties – and there are about 10 properties on here that if purchased at tax sale – will be a great investment even if redeemed.

Map & ParcelAddressAmount Due
035-3-097-00-01936 FENWICK ST$1,149.87
035-4-181-00-01707 FENWICK ST$1,983.24
042-3-118-00-01810 CRIMSON LEAF WAY$2,192.39
042-3-119-00-01812 CRIMSON LEAF WAY$2,192.39
042-3-126-00-01914 ASPEN GREEN WAY$2,202.27
043-4-131-00-01834 PENNSYLVANIA AVE$2,242.73
045-1-294-00-01833 MCDOWELL ST$2,004.06
045-1-346-00-01107 ADRIAN ST$1,308.93
045-3-104-00-01910 CENTRAL AVE$1,611.81
047-2-022-00-0301 REYNOLDS ST$1,352.61
047-3-163-00-0700 TWIGGS ST$3,728.05
047-3-164-01-0601 WALTON WAY$3,040.89
048-3-076-02-0108 SAND BAR FERRY RD$1,381.99
055-0-004-02-01930 NORTH LEG RD$9,940.44
055-2-033-00-03207 CLARENCE DR$3,521.04
055-4-142-00-02129 SIBLEY RD$3,089.00
055-4-164-00-03104 EVERGREEN DR$1,868.16
056-2-232-00-02128 EASTLAND DR$1,336.35
056-3-065-01-01714 KENTUCKY AVE$2,400.71
056-3-068-00-01708 KENTUCKY AVE$1,787.56
056-3-114-00-02917 MYRTLE AVE$1,104.52
056-4-023-00-02130 KELLY ST$1,921.48
056-4-027-00-02122 KELLY ST$1,557.57
057-2-130-00-01602 HEARD AVE$2,239.18
057-3-036-00-01755 BERKELEY RD$1,759.67
057-3-091-00-01764 DAVIDSON DR$1,997.94
058-1-087-00-01514 WILDER ST$2,860.45
058-1-122-00-01805 ARCH DR$1,545.33
058-2-165-00-01609 RAMSEY ST$1,284.27
058-3-125-00-01538 WOOTEN RD$1,728.16
059-2-852-00-0826 SPRUCE ST$1,302.70
059-3-038-00-01920 M L KING JR BLVD$1,556.36
060-2-004-00-0341 TAYLOR ST$1,350.90
060-2-007-00-0323 TAYLOR ST$2,444.16
087-3-060-00-0328 SIMS AVE$1,222.68
094-0-019-00-02454 MADRID DR$2,658.53
094-0-097-00-02518 GERBING RD$1,855.11
096-1-204-00-02706 VERNON DR$1,224.55
096-2-122-00-02714 LUMPKIN RD$1,334.66
097-1-060-00-02572 DOVER ST$1,304.00
098-1-075-00-02205 WARD AVE$5,619.16
098-1-170-00-02205 KILLEBREW AVE$2,292.97
098-1-171-00-02201 KILLEBREW AVE$1,789.10
098-1-267-00-02238 BANDLER RD$1,218.77
098-3-073-00-02809 JORDAN ST$2,916.81
098-3-076-00-02815 JORDAN ST$1,422.59
098-4-081-00-01982 HIGDON ST$2,335.02
098-4-091-00-01918 CHESTER AVE$3,312.21
098-4-168-00-02443 YATES DR$1,437.24
099-1-102-00-02436 MIKE PADGETT HWY$1,481.44
099-1-160-00-02434 DANVILLE ST$1,198.76
107-0-054-00-03511 JANET DR$2,080.75
107-0-479-00-02506 BLACKSTONE ST$1,257.44
107-0-538-00-02933 CELESTE DR$2,022.55
108-0-071-00-02504 HASTINGS DR$1,328.58
110-2-044-00-02415 YATES DR$1,347.13
110-2-282-00-02924 ABELIA DR$1,263.52
119-0-109-00-03621 AUDUBON PL$1,882.75
120-0-324-00-03605 BROOKSHIRE RD$1,778.34
120-0-484-00-02701 GARDENBROOK CT$1,970.57
120-0-603-00-03605 MEADOWWOOD DR$2,342.16
121-0-051-00-03405 KANE CT$2,677.56
121-2-106-00-02115 HOWARD RD$1,728.83
122-2-289-00-01817 LEVER CT$1,829.31
123-3-088-00-01722 APPLE VALLEY DR$1,357.66
123-3-148-00-03317 JONATHAN CIR$2,728.52
129-0-728-00-02818 CRANBROOK DR$1,861.21
132-0-303-00-02214 GLYNN ARVEN CT$1,856.24
156-0-020-03-03504 JACK KELLY RD$1,551.87
166-0-231-00-04204 CAP CHAT ST$2,048.38
167-0-100-00-02121 BOYKIN RD$1,767.78

If you had approximately $320,000 to invest – your return on that would be 20% if each one (8) came back and redeemed. It is unlikely they will come back and redeem. The potential property value is approximately $720,000 . There is one property on here where i have done skip trace on the registered owner and unable to make contact. There is another owner on here that i have made contact with and said the situation was going to be cleared up last week. I look at the Richmond County Tax Auction Sale and see that in fact, that owner was unable to correct his indebtedness to the county.

On this list updated today July 29, 2019, there are 3 commercial properties and the rest are single family residential. If you are an investor that likes the rental world – all of these bring between 750 – 1000 month rent. Predominant zip code 30906 and 30904 are what you will see here by clicking the link opening the property record on GIS MAP.

If you are an investor – and would like to invest in these properties but are not able to attend the auction. We provide courthouse step auction services. You would place the funds in escrow – tell us what you wish to pay for each property max – we would of course be good stewards of your funds and all times attempt to acquire for under your budgeted number.