Fairfax VA 3rd Position NPN

Fairfax Va. 3Rd position npn

$771,ooo Zestimate

Origination Date: January 31, 2006

First Payment: March 01, 2007

Principal: $12,500

Interest Rate: 10%

Default Interest: 10%

Annual Payments: $3297.47

Owner Occupied: Yes

Payment History: Made one Partial $1000 March 1, 2007


1st Position


Principal: $775,000

Status: Current

2nd Position

Principal: $16,210

Status: Current

11315 Bulova Lane

Fairfax, VA 22030


Asking: $19,500

This data was compiled Oct 2017. You will need to do your own due diligence to determine the status of 1st and 2nd. Our latest check shows that taxes are no longer delinquent. You will need to verify that as well. Asking $19,500, but make an offer that makes sense.

We have the following DOCS for this seller financed loan:

VA Settlement Statement

VA Note

VA Deed of Trust