Fix n Flips

Sidekick REI – Florida Real Estate Investment is FLIPPING CRAZY

We have an array of experience in the construction industry. As inventory depletes Sidekick REI has to deploy alternative means in locating properties that are a value to our passive investors, as well as for our own portfolio. Once a property is identified, we will walk the property for an exterior assessment after completing some comps as part of our Due Diligence. If the property presents what we assess as a good investment, then we would proceed with scheduling a walk-through of the property.

During the walk-through process, we would treat this as a home inspection, as well as a convenience of living inspection. Typically we would know from first site as to whether we would like to pursue this opportunity, and start making funding arrangements both with our investors and the seller.

We like to have an inspection period of 15 days to get our plan in order, then would like to close within 20 days from that. Not saying it would take 35 days to close, we just consider this buffer safe.

Inventory has gotten sparse, and good deals are hard to locate. We still like to see double-digit returns on investment opportunities, but that requires creativity not only through the purchase, but also through the rehab.

We have set our focus on certain geographical areas that we believe will produce the greatest return.

Metro Atlanta – Cobb County – Gwinnett County – Dekalb County – Fulton County – White County – Hall County – Franklin County – Hart County

Metro Jacksonville – Duval County – Clay County – St. Johns County

California – Greater San Diego Area

Though as many investors know, California can present it’s own challenges when dealing with investment properties. Our partner is located in San Diego, and has experience with flipping in those areas. This provides us with the ability for an assessment of the market and the turn-around time.