If you are looking for Off Market multifamily, we have inventory that you may be interested in.



North Lauderdale Multifamily
$1.8 million
8 units
7% cap
Code: B28

Multifamily Palm Beach
8 units (4 duplexes)
8% cap rate
Code: B77

South Broward County Multifamily
8.8% cap
9 units

Code: A22


2 Multi-family assets
$62 Million
North Carolina
500 plus units
Class A
7% cap rate
Assume Loan of $42.5 M
Property A: Occupancy 94%

Property B: Occupancy 92%
Code: B19

Multi-family Palm Beach County
$4.8 Million
Class B
20 plus units
All 2 Bedrooms/1Bath
Great for Student Housing
Great for Rehab Center
Building will be delivered as vacant
Code: B34

70+ Units C Class/C Area
Atlanta Area
65% Occupied
HUGE Value ADD Opportunity
$2.5 Million Cash
​12% cap
Code: B49

Multi-Family Miami
$33 million
Class B
200 plus units with retail included
assumable mortgage included
​5.5% plus cap

Code: A86

Atlanta Area Multifamily
$14.6 million
200 plus units
mixed single and duplex units
6% plus cap
100% Occupied
Rents 20% to 30% under market

​Multi-Family West Palm Area
$100 plus million
Class A
200 plus units
Code: B49

Multifamily Florida Portfolio
$68 million
5% plus cap
700 plus units
4 buildings
Code: A86 

Multi-Family South Carolina Portfolio
$86.5 million
4% plus cap
800 plus units
4 buildings
Code: A86