Non-Performing NOTE Hammond Indiana Medical District (Revitalization AREA)

Dr. Sharma Medical Office –

Year Built: 1918


Built in 1918, this one story brick building has been the home of the Dr. Sharma Medical Office for the past 10 years. The property is on the North side of Clinton Street across from St. Margaret Hospital and directly west of the new Federal Courthouse on Hohman Avenue. Ideal uses for this building would be continued use as a medical facility or legal offices. Property has 5-6 offices/exam rooms, ample storage space, 2 rest rooms and central heat and air conditioning. Central heat is supplemented by wall units in 2 of the offices/exam rooms. Parking arrangements must be made with either a local church or with St. Margaret Hospital.

Hammond is a Northwest Indiana town that is approximately 30-35 miles Southeast of Chicago, Illinois. This area of Hammond is experiencing revitalization and modernization with major new investment dollars and a return of businesses.

PURCHASE PRICE: $44,550+ 3% Trade Fee